MyLegacy Software Solutions


MyLegacy Payroll

The Payroll Of the Caribbean

MyLegacy Payroll is a state of the art, feature rich payroll solution that will cater to all your payroll needs. It is easy to learn and use and is suitable for use by businesses of all types and sizes.

MyLegacy Payroll goes beyond the payroll boundaries and performs tasks normally found in Human Resource Management applications. MyLegacy Payroll currently calculates the pay of employees in 20 Caribbean countries. Its flexible and versatile design allows its use in many countries outside of the Caribbean.

MyLegacy HRM

MyLegacy HRM is a flexible, robust Human Resource Management solution, designed permit you to more efficiently control and administer to your labour force. MyLegacy HRM interfaces seamlessly with MyLegacy Payroll and simultaneously controls several different MyLegacy Payroll systems operating in different currencies. MyLegacy HRM contains the following modules: Personnel Information Management (with document management), Attendance, Leave Management, Performance Appraisal, Recruitment and Disciplinary Tracking.

MyLegacy Accounting

MyLegacy Accounting is a fully integrated, full-featured, multi-user accounting system. It consists of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory/Purchasing,Order Entry and Administration modules, which together provide a powerful solution that delivers the control and reporting that you need.



MyLegacy Loan Management

MyLegacy Loans is a complete loan portfolio management solution that is suitable for use by lending institutions of all sizes. It manages regular loans, mortgages, construction loans and vehicle loans and includes application processing and tracking, document management and a separate cashier’s point of sale module.

MyLegacy Deposit Management

If you accept and manage term deposits, MyLegacy Deposits is for you. This versatile deposits portfolio management application will take the drudgery out of managing and servicing customer deposits. Breaking or rolling over a deposit, paying out a mature deposit and calculating or re-calculating deposit interest is as simple as pressing a key.

MyLegacy Land Bank

MyLegacy Land Bank manages land development from acquisition to sale. It tracks all development costs and manages the sale of individual lots by tracking interested persons, and allows lots to be allocated and eventually sold. Its document repositary permits the storage of plans and other documents. You will be able to easily determine your development cost for any project. MyLegacy Land Bank integrates with Google Earth to provide images of development location.

MyLegacy Fixed Assets

MyLegacy Fixed Assets was designed with you in mind. It permits you easily keep track of your company’s assets and to efficiently manage and report on your assets. MyLegacy Fixed Assets accurately calculates depreciation and maintains both book and tax figures.


MyLegacy Tax Filer

MyLegacy Tax Filer is specific to the Barbados on-line tax filing system. It imports goods and services and deductible payment information form CSV/Excel files generated by other applications and creates the XML files required by the Tax Department’s computers. You can connect to the tax department’s portal and upload the tax information from within MyLegacy Tax Filer.

Time & Attendance Systems

We supply a range of time and attendance systems to suit all needs. From simple time management solutions to advanced solutions with complex scheduling. Whatever your needs, we have the right solution for you. Our time management solution will save time and money.