Payroll’s Features


  1. Unlimited user defined branches
  2. Unlimited user defined departments
  3. Unlimited user defined earnings and deduction headings.
  4. Supports monthly, semi-monthly, fortnightly or weekly pay periods
  5. Supports hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annual,  bi-weekly, semi-monthly or piece rates.
  6. Calculates vacation pay or accepts manually entered amounts.
  7. Allows vacation time buy back.
  8. Override vacation to allow payment of employees while on vacation.
  9. User maintained NIS/Social Security and PAYE tables.
  10. Automatically update NIS/Social Security and PAYE rates on-line.
  11. Calculates and tracks employer’s portion of benefit contributions.
  12. Processes employee voluntary pension contributions.
  13. Deduction schedules allow a different amount to be defined for  each week of the month for any deduction.
  14. Allows the splitting of employee’s pay between branches and departments.
  15. Calculates tax on non-cash benefits (e.g. vehicles)
  16. Update employee’s record manually (creates audit trail).
  17. Tracks items issued to employees
  18. Imports hours from most electronic time clocks.
  19. Automatically emails pay slips to employees.
  20. Flexible user security
  21. Operates over local or wide area networks
  22. Pay selected employees prior to the regular payroll run.
  23. Backup and restore from within the program.
  24. Optional remittance & loan management module manages employee loans and remittances to third parties.
  25. Import any earning or deduction figures. (Often used for the importation of commission and bonus amounts).
  26. Universal importer allows the importation of times, dollar amounts or both.
  27. Print or view reports for any previous payroll.
  28. Over 160 detailed reports and charts.
  29. Print a GL journal report with GL account numbers
  30. Enter a permanent note against any or all payroll line items.
  31. Includes a severance pay calculator which permits the calculation of severance for all or selected employees.
  32. Terminate/Reinstate Employees
  33. optional Job Cost module available.

  1. Suspend employees’ pay calculation.
  2. Change annual tax allowances globally.
  3. Maintain notes on each employee.
  4. On-line history shows details of every previous payroll for each employee.
  5. Generates the NIS electronic file for some countries and connects to the NIS portal for upload.
  6. Generates Inland Revenue electronic file for some Countries and connects to the IRD upload site.
  7. Maintains emergency contact information.
  8. Calculates service charge payments for hospitality workers
  9. Calculates tips for two separate pools for hospitality
  10. workers.
  11. Automatically adjusts service charge points when employees’ hours changed or imported.
  12. Remit net pay or any deduction to third party institutions.
  13. Remit employees’ net pay or deductions electronically
  14. Generates the electronic ACH file for most banks.
  15. Allows separate bonus payroll runs for bonus payments.
  16. Accrues vacation leave due to each employee and tracks vacation taken.
  17. Tracks unlimited types of leave including sick, maternity and vacation leave.
  18. Interfaces to MYLegacy, Adagio, AccPac, DataPlus, and Intact General Ledgers.
  19. Electronic document management
  20. NIS/SS refund processing and management
  21. Defined deductions can be processed on all payroll runs, on any week of the month or at a user determined time.
  22. Quick update allows you to see the net effect of the change as you enter it.
  23. Detailed pre-post reports to show the payroll details of prior to posting.
  24. Bank, GL & Time Clock interfaces are standard.
  25. Distribute employee’s pay to an unlimited number of banks.
  26. Pay employees from more than one bank.
  27. Wider range of pay slip formats to choose from.
  28. Employees’ pay rates can be changed globally as required for salary increases.
  29. Pay calculations for an employee can be automatically posted to the employees account in different  MYLegacy Payroll system.