MyLegacy Fixed Assets



Fixed Asset And Depreciation Software


MyLegacy Fixed Assets keeps track of your company’s assets and accurately calculates depreciation and maintains both book and tax figures.

You always know what you own, where it is and its value


Asset Tracking

  1. Keeps track of your assets, where ever they are. 

  2. Quickly and accurately reports detailed information on all of your assets.

  3. Prints asset labels

Easy To Use

MyLegacy Fixed Assets is easy to learn and use.

You will be operating it like a pro in minutes.


Accurate Calculations

Accurately calculates depreciation

Maintains two depreciation registers simultaneously (tax and book)

Calculates depreciation monthly

Prints detailed reports




  • Tracks asset details
  • Unlimited asset categories.
  • Unlimited asset types
  • Depreciatetransferss Monthly
  • Asset
  • Unlimited tax categories
  • Unlimited cost centres
  • Straight line and reducing balance depreciation methods
  • Detailed reports
  • Unlimited users