Land Bank

Land & property Development & Sale Management




















The smart way to track your land development costs

consruction design

Tracks and manages land development costs

MyLegacy Land Bank manages land development from acquisition to sale. It tracks all development costs and manages the sale of individual lots and tracks interested persons and their preferred lot. Lots to be allocated and eventually sold. Its document repository permits the storage of plans and other documents. You can easily determine your development cost for any project.


Document management

Maintain project documents and lot document electronically

Manage site plans, lot plans, house plans, photos documents and more.



Tracks expenses

Always know your true development cost

Know what costs are lot specific.

Ticket system manages assigned tasks




Simplifies the selling process

Tracks interested persons and the lot they are interested in.

Allows Lots to be placed on hold for any person

Prohibits other persons from selling a lot you have reserved for your client.