MyLegacy Payroll

The payroll of the Caribbean

MyLegacy Payroll is a powerful, state of the art payroll application that will cater to all your payroll needs. It handles an unlimited number of employees while working either as a standalone or multi-user networked application. Its flexibility and scalability makes it suitable for use by businesses of any type and size and the same application will cater to your company’s needs through all phases of its growth. MyLegacy Payroll was designed for use in the  Caribbean.

MyLegacy Payroll is easy to learn and use. It accurately calculates payroll taxes, earnings and deductions and pays employees by multiple methods including electronic upload. Pay slips can be emailed to employees and It allows the processing on an unlimited  number of service charge and tip pools. Its extensive import capabilities allows the importation of any earning or deduction. Over 160 detailed reports and charts provide the information necessary for you to make timely decisions.

MyLegacy Payroll calculates the pay of employees in 20 Caribbean countries

Antigua & Barbuda Anguilla Barbados Bermuda Bahamas
Belize British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Dominica Grenada
Guyana Jamaica St. Kitts & Nevis St. Lucia St. Maarten
Suriname Trinidad & Tobago Turks & Caicos St. Vincent U. S. Virgin Islands


MyLegacy is a line of affordable business software 

 With MyLegacy Payroll, you get more than a payroll

Document Management

Store employees’ documents electronically and view or print them whenever you need. Store all types of documents, even pictures, audio files and video files

Detailed Reports

Over 160 detailed reports and charts keep you informed. view or print reports or save then in one of several electronic formats. reports can be printed for current and historic payrolls.

Calculates Service Charge & Tips

Automatically calculates service charge and tips based on a points system. calculates service charge weekly for monthly paid employees.  You need only enter the pool amount.

Caters to an unlimited number of tip pools.

Accrues and Tracks leave

Accrues vacation and tracks leave of any type. Automatically stops paying for sick time when an employee’s annual leave allocation is reached.

Works With Most Time Clock systems

The universal time clock interface makes it easy to configure and import employee times from any time clock system.

Imported hours can be split between departments and can adjust service charge.

Easy Employee And Third Party Payments

Easily distribute an employee’s pay to multiple banks. Pay employees by cheque, cash, bank lodgment or electronic transfer. Automatically processes deductions and contribution payments to third parties. Prints detailed remittance lists for third parties.

Manages Assets

Tracks company owned items issued to employees. Always know what employee have to return when they are leaving the company. The handy issue and return functions make asset management easy.

Emails Pay Slips

Emails pay slips to  employees opting for this method. Saves time sorting and distributing paper slips and Reduces the cost of  pay slip stock 

Imports Anything

Import units and/or amounts for any earning or deduction. Create and use import templates for frequent imports or perform on-the-fly imports for one-time imports.


Switching to MyLeacy Payroll is easy and inexpensive

We will manage and perform your conversion and present you with a turnkey solution ready to run your next payroll.  You will be up and running without missing a beat.

Flexible Payroll Pricing

Fixed and employee based pricing makes MyLegacy affordable and available to businesses of all sizes


Low cost of ownership

MyLegacy is a robust application. The combination of its extremely low failure rate, our excellent support and its reasonable purchase price translates into a very low cost of ownership for you.

MyLegacy payroll supports your decision making process

In addition to saving time and reducing your payroll preparation costs, MyLegacy Payroll produces several detailed reports that provide meaningful and timely data input to your decision making process.


A technologically advanced payroll that will cater to your business’ growth

MyLegacy Payroll is built with the latest client-server technology. Our development platform is frequently upgraded to ensure that our customers are kept on the cutting edge of technology.  MyLegacy Payroll is flexible and scalable and will serve your company through all phases of its growth. Whether you require a single-user product or a multi-user application for use over LANs or WANs, MyLegacy Payroll is the ideal solution.

Payroll Related Systems

MyLegacy HRM

MyLegacy HRM is a flexible, robust Human Resource Management solution, designed permit you to more efficiently control and administer to your labour force. MyLegacy HRM interfaces seamlessly with MyLegacy Payroll and simultaneously controls several different MyLegacy Payroll systems operating in different currencies.

Time & Attendance

Whatever your time and attendance needs, whether a simple time management solutions or an advanced solutions with complex scheduling, we have the a solution for you. Our time management solution will save time and money.

Custom Interfaces

We build custom interfaces. If the interface you require in not included in MyLegacy Payroll, we will develop the interface you require. Building interfaces or customizing MyLegacy Payroll does not prevent you from using the latest updates, enhancements and upgrades.