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MyLegacy HRM is a flexible, robust Human Resource Management solution, designed permit you to more efficiently control and administer to your labour force. MyLegacy HRM interfaces seamlessly with MyLegacy Payroll and simultaneously controls several different MyLegacy Payroll systems operating in different currencies. MyLegacy HRM contains the following modules: Personnel Information Management (with document management), Attendance, Leave Management, Performance, Recruitment and Discipline, Forms and Administration.


Keeps your employees’ data just a key-press away. If your organization consists of several companies, you can centralize the data for all employees in the organization irrespective of the geographic location of the company or employee and give designated persons access to specific employee information.



Manages the recruitment process and lets you know where each applicant is in the process. It facilitates the scheduling of interviews and tracks the outcome of each interview. Applicant’s CVs can be uploaded and retrieved electronically, and are automatically emailed to the interviewers when an interview is scheduled.



Takes the stress out of Time management and leave planning and tracking. This module not only tracks employees’ attendance, it also tracks leave of any type including vacation leave. It permits the processing of vacation accruals and will instantly indicate the number of vacation days any employee has available. The scheduling and management of vacation is made very simple. All the information necessary to approve or reject any leave request is made available, requiring a simple keystroke to confirm the manager’s decision. Vacation requests are submitted through the user portal and immediately generate email notifications to the persons authorized to approve the employee’s leave. When a manager actions a leave request, the employee is automatically notified of the decision.



Easily manage employees’ compensation. Apply global pay changes, adjustments to market, performance increases and bonuses.



Document and track all actions and activities related to employees’ disciplinary action. Ensure that actions taken are legally compliant.



The Performance module is crucial to your employee review process. You can schedule reviews at any time and for any purpose. The ability to select the reviewers makes it possible to perform various types of reviews such as 360 reviews, peer reviews etc. Managers select the core competencies and performance targets to be rated for each of their employees. Final ratings can be linked to salary increase percentages.

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The forms module is a repository for forms and any document that may need to be accessed by your employees. You can make documents such as the labour laws, vacation with pay act, employment rights act, severance payment act, rules and regulations etc. available through the forms portal..



The Administration module facilitates the configuration of the entire HRM system.


Employee Portal

The Employee Portal provides avenue through which employees can interact with the HR department. Through this portal employees can submit changes in personal information, request leave, requests job letters, view their leave history, view their pay history, perform self-reviews and more.

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MyLegacy HRM consists of a set of core modules and a set of optional modules. you can purchase only the  optional modules that you requre. Modules can be added at any time.

Core Modules Optional Modules
PIM Recruitment
Compensation Attendance
Forms Discipline
Administration Performance
Employee Portal